What’s the Smallest-Value Coin You’d Stop to Pick Up on the Street?

It’s National Lucky Penny Day . . . so it’s possible that YOU will come across a lucky penny on the ground.  Which HALF of America wouldn’t even bother picking up.

A new poll asked people, “What’s the SMALLEST-value single coin you would stop to pick up on the street?”

50% of people said they’re not above picking up a penny.  (Which shouldn’t be shocking.  Another recent poll showed 13% of men would grab a penny from a URINAL.)

11% of people would pass up a penny, but WOULD pick up a nickel.  6% more would do it for a dime . . . 13% more would stop for a quarter . . . and another 3% said it would have to be “larger than a quarter.”  (We’re talkin’ coins only, so these people think they’ll come across a rare half dollar or dollar coin?)

10% say they would not pick up ANY coin on the street.

As for picking up a penny, there’s a HUGE difference based on a person’s age.

68% of people 65 and older would pick up a penny, compared to just 27% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29.

That may have less to do with the value, and more to do with younger people being more invested in DIGITAL currency.  They’re less likely than older folks to carry cash, especially spare change.

(YouGov / YouGov)