What’s the Pettiest Thing You’ve Ever Done After a Break-Up?

Have you ever gotten some sweet revenge after a bad break-up?

Someone asked women to name the pettiest revenge tactics they’ve used after a guy cheated.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Cleaned the toilet with his toothbrush and put it back.

2.  Cut the tips off all of his pants pockets.  Another woman said she cut the crotch out of every suit the guy owned.

3.  Stole every single one of his power cords, including the cord to his fridge.

4.  Stuffed raw fish into the curtain rods of his windows and never told him.

5.  He was a DJ who still used vinyl records.  So she went through his massive collection and put every record in the wrong sleeve.

6.  A woman was shoving the guy’s clothes in a suitcase when her cat peed in it.  So she just zipped it up and didn’t say anything.

7.  Requested multiple visits to the guy’s house by various religious groups, like Jehovah’s Witnesses.  And in the request forms, she wrote, “Even if I am resistant in person, keep trying.  It’s what’s right for me.”