What’s Something You’re Oddly Proud of but Rarely Talk About?

What’s something you’re oddly proud of but rarely talk about?  Either because you’re embarrassed to be proud, or you think people might judge you for it?  Someone asked Reddit.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  “I can burp louder than a lawnmower.”  Their all-time best is 98 decibels.

2.  “I can spit more than 15 feet.”

3.  A guy claimed a stripper once asked for his phone number.

4.  Toe dexterity was a popular answer.  The best one was a person who said their middle toe doesn’t curl . . . so they can flip people off with their feet.

5.  “I have a GoPro video I posted in 2008 with 16 million views . . . [of] me crashing on my bike and breaking a rib.”

6.  “My Wordle statistics.”

7.  “I have a very sensitive nose.  I can smell things that others can’t . . . and pick out different people’s smell after I know them for a bit.”

8.  “I can name around 1,200 species of plants and trees native to the Appalachian region of Ohio.”

9.  “I can sing the Mongolian National Anthem by heart.”  But they’ve never been to Mongolia.

10.  A guy had to pee in a Gatorade bottle in the car, filled it up, and was proud to learn his bladder can hold 32 ounces.