What’s Something You’re Convinced People Are Pretending to Like?

What’s something you’re convinced other people are just PRETENDING to like?  Maybe to look cool, or be trendy.  Someone asked people on social media.  Here are a few you may or may not agree with . . .

1.  Crocs.  They’re ugly, and not really that comfortable.

2.  Caviar.  You’re just trying to feel rich.

3.  Sparkling water.  Quote, “It tastes like if Sprite lied about its personality.”

4.  Driving a stick shift.  If you’re doing it by choice, you’re dumb.

5.  Camping.  It’s uncomfortable, and everything you bring will smell like campfire.

6.  Running outside as a form of exercise.  It’s just so boring.

7.  The beach.  It’s not worth getting sand everywhere.

8.  Kale.  Sure, eat it because it’s good for you.  But don’t pretend you like it.

9.  The taste of any type of alcohol, including IPAs.

10.  Extremely spicy stuff.  Especially things like Carolina reapers.

11.  Bubble baths.  Are they really as relaxing as people pretend they are?

12.  Plain black coffee.  Unless it’s some high-end stuff, yuck.

13.  Clubs once you’re over the age of 35.

14.  Being a parent.  (!!!)  You’d never give it up, but do you actually LIKE it?

15.  Lobster.  If it’s something you actually enjoy, why drown it in butter?