What’s Something You Do in a Hotel Room That You Never Do at Home?

Going on a trip this summer?  A poll found 61% of us will stay in a hotel.  Everyone else said an Airbnb or with family.  Someone asked people to name things you do in a hotel room that you never do at home.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Wear a robe and slippers.  It seems like a wasted opportunity if you don’t.

2.  Watch cable TV.  Because so many of us just stream at home now.

3.  Blast the A/C until it’s 58 degrees.

4.  Eat a full dinner in bed.

5.  Fill an entire bucket with ice when you only need four ice cubes.

6.  Read the Bible.  A lot of hotels still have them in the nightstand.

7.  Use a towel as a bathmat.

8.  Really long showers.  A lot of people said they do it for some reason.

9.  Look at the smoke detector and wonder if there’s a hidden camera in there.

10.  Wash down $16 cashews with a $12 beer.