What’s Something That Seems to Only Exist to Make People Angry?

There’s a discussion on Reddit right now where people are coming up with things that really ONLY seem to exist to make people angry.  And they’ve definitely come up with some great ones.  Here are some highlights . . .

1.  Recipe websites that have long personal stories and essays before they finally get to the recipe.

2.  Itchy tags on clothing.

3.  Pop-up ads in general . . . but specifically the ones that cover the entire screen.

4.  Plastic packaging that’s impossible to open . . . and hurts your hands when you cut it with scissors, then try to tear it open.

5.  Long CVS receipts.

6.  Automated call routers that make you enter info like your date of birth and account number . . . which you then have to repeat once you finally get to talk to a person.

7.  A two-party political system.

8.  Clickbait headlines.

9.  One-ply toilet paper.

10.  Changing the clocks to and from Daylight Saving Time.