What’s Best for a Breakfast Sandwich? English Muffin, Bagel, or Toast?

Some people have strong feelings about this, and most at least have a preference . . .

If you’re ordering a breakfast sandwich like a bacon-egg-and-cheese, what’s the best possible bread option?

Hundreds of people voted and had these five options to choose from:  English muffin, bagel, croissant, roll, or toast.

Around 1 in 7 people said NONE of those, because they don’t like breakfast sandwiches.  So they don’t count.

Of the people who do like them, the winner is . . . ENGLISH MUFFIN with 26% of the vote.

After that, it’s bagel, 23% . . . toast, 21% . . . croissant, 20% . . . and roll, 10%.