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What’s a “Life Hack” You’ve Fully Embraced and Do All the Time?

Are there any “life hacks” you’ve fully embraced and do all the time now?  A woman on TikTok asked for examples.  Here are a few you might want to try.

1.  A trick for chips and dip.  Put the dip in a martini glass . . . put the glass inside a bowl . . . and then surround it with chips.  So they’re together but separate.  (Here’s a video.)

2.  A trick for straining pasta.  If the pot and strainer are roughly the same size, you don’t have to pour the pasta out.  Just rest the strainer inside the pot, so it holds the pasta in.  Then hold them together and strain the water out that way.  (Here’s a video.)

3.  How to cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes at once.  Put them together on a cutting board . . . cover them with the top of a Tupperware container, just to hold them in place . . . and then cut across from the side.  (Here’s a video.)

4.  When you don’t have enough chip-clips.  Instead of breaking open a bag, just use scissors to cut the very top off.  Then use that part like string, and tie it around the bag to keep it closed.  (Here’s a video.)

5.  The best way to fold a hoodie.  First, lay it down with the front facing up.  Then fold each arm in from the sides . . . fold the bottom up in thirds . . . and fold each side in one more time.  If you do it right, you can tuck it all right into the hood.  (Here’s a video.)


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