What Women Say Is An Instant Turn-Off

Guys, listen up. You’ve hit it off with a wonderful woman and things are starting to heat up. What’s gonna kill her attraction to you? Here’s what women said in a survey:

• If I go over to their place and it’s a total wreck. I’m not talking about a few dirty dishes in the sink, or laundry on the floor. I’m talking about the dudes that very clearly just don’t clean up after themselves. Like entire bathroom is coated in hair and crust, and old food starting it’s own ecosystem kinda dirty.

• Clean hands with clean and trimmed finger nails. You don’t have to get a manicure but before you lay those hands on my face, neck, back or anywhere else, groom them.

• Take care of your feet, men! If he has toenails that could strongly assist him climb a tree, I’m out.

• Bragging. Nothing screams insecure like bragging.

• I check his social media to see what kind of person he truly is — the organizations he follows, the posts he Liked, and so on. I do this after the first date so as not to spoil it but very often a person’s true beliefs are found online.