What Instantly Makes A Man Attractive?

In a survey, women said these things can make a man instantly attractive.

• Have a sense of humor. I don’t need to date a comedian but conversations should flow from serious to silly.

• Don’t take yourself to seriously. I was on a third date with a guy who got bumped while eating ice cream. His nose and chin were covered in vanilla and I laughed because I thought it was cute. He was visibily upset and insisted he go straight home to take a shower. We didn’t go out again.

• Be kind. I want someone who’s kind to the drive-thru workers, animals, old people… and ME.

• Good grammar. There’s a reason the internet makes fun of people who can’t form a coherent sentence or can’t figure out if it’s their, they’re, or there.

• Self care matters! Shower at least once a day. Keep your nails clean. Take care of your feet and toes. Wear clothes that fit and aren’t left over from college. Dress for your age.

• Be a reader. Everywhere we look people are on their phones but when I see a guy at a park or in a bar reading a book I’m instantly interested in him and what he’s reading.

• Self-confidence. Don’t be cocky but do own, appreciate and enjoy the body, career and life you’ve made for yourself.