What Are You Sick of People Trying to Convince You Is Great?

It’s one thing when you encounter a Costco enthusiast who’s ALWAYS talking about how great it is.  But when EVERYONE won’t stop talking something up . . . it can get annoying.

Someone asked the internet, “What are you sick of people trying to convince you is great?”  Here are the best responses:

1.  Starting a business.  Some people are not meant to be business owners . . . and they don’t mind a boring, stable gig working for The Man.

2.  Running.  Joan Rivers once joked, “The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.”

3.  Stanley mugs.

4.  The TV shows they watch . . . or the music they’re into.

5.  Hot weather.

6.  Kombucha.  Someone said, “I’m sure it’s great for me but it tastes like carbonated sock tea.”

7.  Ice baths.

8.  Hot yoga.

9.  Marijuana.  It affects some people negatively, with anxiety and paranoia . . . and they’re tired of hearing about how THIS strain “will totally not do that.”

10.  Dancing.  Someone said it isn’t about “letting loose” or “getting out of your shell” . . . some people just don’t FEEL music that way.

11.  Cruises.

12.  A.I.