Weirdest Things That Have Happen In 2024 So Far

If you’re tired of the lists that look back on things that happened in 2023, fear not! Looks like 2024 is already shaping up to be a strange one. Here are just a few of the things that have already happened in the first three weeks.

FACELESS SEA BEAST DISCOVERED ON UK BEACH — A mysterious faceless sea monster washed up on a beach in the UK. A 61-year-old woman who found the creature described it as being the size of three people.

INTERACTIVE PLANTS — PlantPetz is an invention debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s a smart pot that transforms ordinary plants into interactive pets.

ASPARAGUS PREDICTIONS — A British psychic, who uses asparagus to predict the future, said that United States will have a female president this year and it will not be Vice President Kamala Harris.

DOG WITH SIX LEGS NOW HAS FOUR — A six-legged dog named Ariel, found abandoned in a supermarket parking lot in Wales, is now leading a normal life after surgery removed her extra limbs, enabling her to explore her surroundings just like any other dog.

MAN EJECTED OUT OF RV ON FREEWAY — On a Los Angeles freeway, a man was ejected from an RV after it brushed against the center divide, miraculously surviving the ordeal and being taken to the hospital.

PASSENGER SMACKS PILOT — A passenger on an IndiGo flight in India smacked the pilot over a 13-hour delay due to dense fog.

CANADA IS LOSING KLEENEX — It was announced that Kleenex will no longer be sold in Canada due to high shipping costs from its sole manufacturing facility.

WORLD’S OLDEST FEMALE WATER SKIER — Dwan Jacobsen Young, a 92-year-old from Utah, has been recognized as the world’s oldest female water skier, a sport she has enjoyed since 1961 and shared with her family.

VIRAL STANLEY TUMBLER — We’ve learned that the Stanley Tumblers that are so popular and cost so much are manufactured and shipped to the U.S. for between $4 and $6 each.