Credit: humonia via Thinkstock

When you include paying bills, checking your accounts, and dealing with your budget, how much time do you spend on your finances each day?

A new poll found the average American spends 104 hours a year on those things . . . or about 17 minutes a day.

It also found around 1 in 4 people spend at least 260 hours a year WORRYING about money.  That’s another 43 minutes a day.  So combined, a lot of us are spending a full hour a day dealing with money stuff.

Here are some of our worst money habits, according to the poll . . .

1.  Buying stuff we don’t really need.

2.  Spending too much on gifts.

3.  Not saying “no” to your KIDS when they ask for stuff.

4.  Spending money on unhealthy food, and things like soda.

5.  Loaning people money when you can’t really afford to.

6.  Gambling, and things like lottery tickets.

7.  Not sticking to a budget in general.