Apparently a large portion of us don’t think breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.”  Because we’re definitely not treating it that way . . .

A new survey found the average American only eats breakfast three times a week.  And 13% of us almost NEVER do.  That’s about 1 in 8 people.

Here are four more stats about our breakfast-eating habits . . .

1.  Our favorite breakfast stable is eggs, followed by coffee, and cereal.  42% of people in the survey also said bacon is one of their top go-to breakfast options.

2.  29% of us like avocado toast.  And men between 25 and 34 like it more than any other demographic.

3.  People who eat breakfast work an average of 50 minutes longer before they need a snack break.

4.  People who enjoy savory breakfast foods like bacon and eggs are more likely to prefer rock music . . . science fiction . . . and cats.  They’re also more likely to be night owls, and more likely to HUG people a lot.

People who enjoy sweet breakfast foods like waffles are more likely to listen to pop music . . . watch action movies . . . wake up early . . . and prefer dogs over cats.