Major League Baseball’s 2019 Hall of Fame class will be announced today – and we’ll find out if Mariners legend EDGAR MARTINEZ takes his rightful place in the hall . . . or if he’s possibly the biggest SNUB of all time.

It’s looking good for Edgar, who has over 90% of the vote so far.

But he had about 80% of the public vote LAST YEAR, and fell JUST short of the 75% mark he needed to be inducted.

It’s his last year on the ballot, which means it’s his last chance to get in. Which seems silly, seeing as how the award for best designated hitter every year is called the “Edgar Martinez Award.”

It’s also possible that Yankees closer MARIANO RIVERA gets the first EVER unanimous nod. He’s got 100% of the vote right now, and even if he DOESN’T get 100% of the vote, he could break KEN GRIFFEY, JR’s record percentage of 99.3%.

Hall of Fame coverage will begin at 12pm PST, with voting results announced just after 3pm.