The website News Be Funny put together a 13-minute roundup of the best news bloopers from June.

Some good ones include a reporter warning people to stay clear of venomous snakes, and then a fellow reporter mocking him for stating the obvious.

A female anchor asks the forecaster if it’s going to be good barbecue weather, or “you gonnna have some wet meat out there?”

A guest chef was talking about a cooking competition that features a huge morel mushroom trophy.  So the trophy is brought out and everyone loses it because it looks like a giant penis.

And another chef is sampling food with the team, but then he coughs and informs everyone that he just shot corn up his nose.  He tries to dislodge it, and when he does, he SHOWS IT to the camera.

(Warning:  There’s an accidental S-word at 1:14.  Search for “Best News Bloopers Of June 2019 Will Make Your Summer.”)

(The venomous snake report starts at 1:50.  The “wet meat” story begins at 4:11.  The “mushroom-penis” trophy shows up at 6:44.  The chef with the corn up his nose starts at 11:06.  He shows it to the camera at 12:03.)