DOLLY PARTON recorded a new version of “9 to 5” . . . this one called “5 to 9” . . . for a Squarespace ad that’ll air during the Super Bowl.  It was released in advance yesterday.  (Here’s the spot.)

The lyrics were rewritten for the ad, which is about people giving their “side hustles” a boost by building and hosting their own websites.  So if your regular job is from nine to five, your side hustle is from 5:00 P.M to 9:00 A.M.  (And who needs sleep anyway.)

She tells USA Today why she did it.  Quote, “I thought that it was a perfect fit.  A lot of people are working from home building their own businesses online and even the ones that are still working nine-to-five, they still [build their own businesses.]”

She’s also partnering with Squarespace to launch a new fragrance.  Quote, “That is actually my side hustle.  They built a website for that so it’s a win-win for everybody.”

One last thing.  Dolly still hasn’t gotten her COVID-19 vaccine.  Why?  Because she doesn’t want it to look like she’s jumping the line just because she donated money.  She does plan on getting it, and when she does it’ll be on camera so people will see it.