YouTuber Rob Lopez has gone viral with his “Honest iPhone 13 Commercial.”  He plays “Rob Jobs” admitting this version is about the same as the last version, which was about the same as the one before that.

In fact, the iPhone 13 is by far the worst, because it’s basically what everyone was expecting to get last year.  Sure, the new colors are wonderful, but honestly, you’ll never see them because it needs a case.

And why the number 13, which people think is unlucky.  They could’ve called it the iPhone 12s, and no one would’ve said a thing.

Here’s an honest quote:  “I’m not saying not to buy it, because you will anyway.  But do it at your own risk.”

And when he hears the new iOS 15 update will allow you to FaceTime Android users, he’s incredulous:  Quote, “We’re interacting with Android users now?”