The website News Be Funny posted a 12-minute montage of Halloween news bloopers from years past.  There are a lot of pop-outs where someone on-air gets surprised and then freaks out.

Some of the better clips include a weather guy riding a broomstick and then falling off it.

There’s a reporter on location at a zoo throwing pumpkins into a pool of water in a polar bear enclosure.  He’s trying to get the bears to eat them.  But on his last try he accidentally tosses his mic into the pool.

A reporter at a haunted house is terrorized a little too much.  “Monsters” break through a screen and KNOCK her to the floor, and then several others join in to “scare” her.  After getting up she says, “They’re not paying me enough.”

And a news anchor reports the news as RON BURGUNDY from “Anchorman”.  He keeps it up for several minutes, and it just gets funnier as it goes along.