Valentine’s Day Quickies: WD-40 Cologne . . . Credit Score Dating . . . and Kissing Is Twice as Old as Jesus

It’s a rough day to be single . . . because the internet is FLOODED with Valentine’s Day content.  But not everything is corny love stuff, some of it has a healthy dose of stupidity.  Like these . . .

1.  The art collective MSCHF put out a WD-40 COLOGNE last year.  It sold out quickly, but they recently restocked it . . . and added a new PERFUME that smells like the cleaning solution Fabuloso.

(I don’t know about the perfume, but Fabuloso has remarkable staying power.  It’s way too much . . . even if you LIKE IT when things smell clean.)

(If they continue with this line, maybe they can make a hand soap that smells like Dawn, so that it SMELLS like I did the dishes.)

2.  There’s a new dating app called “Score” . . . and that isn’t just a reference to landing a date.  You must have at least a 675 credit score to use it.  It’s a dating app only for people with good to excellent credit, and it hopes to help “raise awareness” about the importance of finances in relationships.

And yes, they do a soft credit check to confirm.  (A soft check like the one they’re using does NOT impact your credit score.)

3.  A new study has found that “sequential effects” can come into play when browsing profiles on dating apps.

It’s a type of bias known in psychology, where the previous item in a sequence affects how you judge the current item.  So when flipping through profiles, there may be traits that you inadvertently carry over from one person to the next.

4.  Researchers say there’s evidence that mouth-to-mouth kissing is more than 5,000 years old.  (So it’s TWICE as old as Jesus.)  (???)

Also . . . kissing was originally more common AFTER love-making, rather than being a precursor to sex.  (So more like “after-play.”)

5.  So-called “candy salads” are going viral on TikTok . . . but they’re just a modern spin on the random candy dish that everyone’s grandma used to have sitting out.  Just open, loose, mixed candy in a dish on the coffee table.

(Here’s an example.)

6.  Thousands of ride-share and food delivery drivers are planning to strike on Valentine’s Day as part of an ongoing dispute over pay and working conditions.

7.  According to one poll, 13% of Americans would rather receive DIAMONDS than chocolate on Valentine’s Day.  (Well, yeah, sure.  In related news, 13% of dads would rather receive a new BMW than a tie for Father’s Day.)  (???)