USA!! USA!! America Is the Best Country for Tourism

I know a lot of us just did this for Memorial Day.  But if you want to go on a great trip, just hop in the car and start drivin’ . . .

The World Economic Forum ranked the best countries in the world for travel and tourism, and AMERICA is #1.  (The U.S. also topped the list the last time they did a ranking in 2021.)

They looked at a bunch of factors, like roads, hotels, attractions, and how much everything costs.  Basically, how well equipped is each country when it comes to handling tourists?

The U.S. ranked higher than every other country in the world.  And Europe did well too, claiming six of the Top 10 spots.

The Top 10 countries for tourism are:  America . . . Spain . . . Japan . . . France . . . Australia . . . Germany . . . the U.K. . . . China . . . Italy . . . and Switzerland.

Canada dropped out of the Top 10 and into 11th place.  Mexico fell six spots to 38th.

(CNN / World Economic Forum)

(Here’s the full list.)