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Two-Thirds of Us Rarely Get Enough Sleep, and 42% Are Tired by Noon

How far into your day do you get before you start thinking about how TIRED you are?  Do you even make it to lunch?

A new poll found just under two-thirds of us rarely wake up feeling refreshed.  And 42% of Americans start feeling tired as early as noon.  Here are the top ten negative impacts not getting enough sleep has, according to the poll . . .

1.  It puts us in a bad mood in general.

2.  It’s harder to focus.

3.  We feel less motivated.

4.  We feel less productive.

5.  We feel more likely to get sick.

6.  We feel less patient.

7.  There’s more stress on our relationship.

8.  Poor decision making.

9.  We’re more likely to snack or eat something unhealthy.

10.  Stomach or digestive issues.

(NY Post)

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