Two Lazy Habits That Are Good For You

Pop Quiz: According to science, which of theses lazy habits is good for you:

• Daydreaming

• Being messy

Actually, they both are.

• Daydreaming.  According to behavioral scientists (Drexel and Northwestern Universities), daydreaming is one of the most effective ways to turn on your right brain. That’s the hemisphere responsible for creative insight — the kind of thinking that brings about sudden “A-ha!” solutions to problems. In other words, daydreaming can make you a better problem solver.

• Being messy. Do you have a pile of bills lying on your kitchen counter? Leave ‘em there. According to research (Columbia Business School), most people work faster and more efficiently when there’s a little bit of mess around. When you’re used to a little mess, and then you decide to get organized, you might forget where you put things. In other words, if you’re used to seeing your bills sitting on the kitchen counter — and you decide to file them away — you might have trouble remembering their new location, or remembering to pay them.