Thanksgiving is all about the food for most of us.  But that means something a little different for these kids . . .

Nine-year-old Alex Fischer and her six-year-old sister Caroline live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  And for the past few years, they’ve been raising money to pay for OTHER families’ Thanksgiving dinners.

Two years ago, their mom wanted to donate a single box of Thanksgiving supplies to a local mission that hands out food to families in need.  Each kit includes things like stuffing, green beans, and stuff to make an apple pie.

But Alex said one box wasn’t enough and wanted to donate ten.  Then last year, they upped their goal . . . raised a bunch of money online . . . and donated 130 boxes of stuff, along with 50 frozen turkeys.

This year, they’ve upped their goal again to include a turkey with every box.  And last we heard, they were up to 108 FULL Thanksgiving meals, with a few weeks to spare.  They raised some of the money selling lemonade, and the rest online.

Obviously it’s a lot of work, and their mom helps.  She says she never expected it to get this big.  But she hopes they’ll keep doing it for years to come.

If you want to donate to their cause, just search for “The Fischer Sisters Thanksgiving Mission” on