A 37-year-old guy in Texas named Walter Gordy was diagnosed with lymphoma about five years ago, and beat it.  He’s now cancer free.

Then after his diagnosis, he wanted to see if he was predisposed to any other illnesses.  So he took a DNA test through 23andMe.

Meanwhile, a good friend of his named Mark Tolson also signed up for 23andMe.  And after being friends for 12 years, they found out they’re RELATED.

Both of them were raised by single mothers who did artificial insemination.  And it turns out they chose the same donor.  So Mark and Walter have the same dad.

Walter recently got a phone call, and thought Mark was inviting him to a party or something.  But he was really calling to tell him they were HALF-BROTHERS.  Which was a big deal, because neither of them had siblings.

It turns out their moms know each other too.  They’ve been singing in the same church choir for over a decade.