The fact that these girls weren’t too HAMMERED to help this guy is pretty miraculous . . .

A 21-year-old in England named Kayleigh Brown has been gearing up for her wedding.  And last Sunday was her bachelorette party.  One of her best friends is a woman named Harriot Brown.  And they’d both been drinking.

Then they were walking home at three in the morning when they saw SMOKE coming from a random apartment.  And even though they were both tipsy, they STILL saved the day.

While Kayleigh called for help, Harriot went to the back door and heard a guy yelling for help.  So she BROKE IN . . . got upstairs . . . found a guy in his 70s who couldn’t get out . . . helped him down the stairs . . . and saved his life.

He must have been disoriented because he told them there was also a KID upstairs.  So then Harriot went BACK IN and searched until she couldn’t stand the smoke anymore.  Luckily the guy was wrong, and no one else was there.

Harriot says her instincts just kicked in.

And she doesn’t think she really did anything special.  Quote, “Anyone would have done what we did.”