Topics You Must Discuss Before Marriage

On social media, women are highlighting topics they regret not discussing with their ex-husbands before marriage. It’s easy to understand that, during the blush of new love, certain subjects might be overlooked or unintentionally avoided.

Here are the top topics women say they now know they should have had conversations with their man while they were dating.

MONEY: Delve into spending, saving, investing, and whether to have shared or separate accounts.

HEALTH: Discuss health and wellness priorities, crucial when considering future children.

RELIGION: Understand religious beliefs, traditions, and practices, especially if planning a family.

CHILDREN: Determine if you both want kids and, if so, how many.

POLITICS: A once-overlooked topic, now crucial in the modern age.

CAREER & EDUCATION: Acknowledge each other’s career and educational aspirations.

WORK SCHEDULE: Assess job timings, especially if they impact family routines.

HYGIENE: Align on hygiene standards, from personal care to home upkeep.

HOBBIES: Embrace shared activities, ensure independent interests, and recognize their importance.

TRAVEL: Align on vacation styles, be it home relaxation or adventurous exploration.

EXTENDED FAMILY: Discuss relationships with relatives and family traditions. Understanding family dynamics, obligations, and expectations can prevent misunderstandings and promote harmonious relationships.