Top Flight Searches for 2022

Google Flights released its top ten searches for 2022 from the USA, following years of closed borders, and there were a few surprises. London and Paris were predictable in the top 3, but No. 2 was Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The two largest Indian cities made the list, as did nomad hotspot Lisbon. Apparently Americans were ready to dust off their passport: NYC was the only domestic destination (at #10), while Toronto and Vancouver both beat it out.

… The top ten trending Google Flights destinations searched for in the US for 2022:

1. London, UK
2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
3. Paris, France
4. New Delhi, India
5. Toronto, Canada
6. Rome, Italy
7. Mumbai, India
8. Vancouver, Canada
9. Lisbon, Portugal
10. New York, NY

… FYI – Here’s the Year in Search from Google.