Top 20 Actors with the Biggest Box Office Appeal

Are you more interested in seeing a movie if there’s a certain actor or eye candy in the cast?  Well, of course you are.  The National Research Group conducted a nationwide survey of people aged 12 to 74 to see which actors have the most box office appeal.

Here are the Top 20:

1.  Tom Cruise

2.  The Rock

3.  Tom Hanks

4.  Brad Pitt

5.  Denzel Washington

6.  Julia Roberts

7.  Will Smith

8.  Leonardo DiCaprio

9.  Johnny Depp

10.  Kevin Hart

11.  Keanu Reeves

12.  Sandra Bullock

13.  Ryan Reynolds

14.  Adam Sandler

15.  Harrison Ford

16.  George Clooney

17.  Robert Downey Jr.

18.  Angelina Jolie

19.  Morgan Freeman

20.  Chris Hemsworth

(Mental Floss)