Tomorrow Is the Luckiest Day of the Year According to Astrology

Not sure I’d blow my rent money on lottery tickets for this, but . . .

According to astrology, the luckiest day of the year is TOMORROW, May 18th, because of something called the Jupiter cazimi.  (kuh-ZEE-mee)

It comes from an Arabic word meaning “in the heart” and happens when Jupiter is in conjunction with the sun.  Or within at least one degree of alignment.

That means a degree away from lining up with it from Earth’s perspective.  If you were up on Mars, it wouldn’t be special at all.

If you actually believe in this stuff, there’s also a luckiest TIME.  If you’re doing anything and need luck on your side tomorrow, plan to do it at 2:36 PM Eastern.  (1:36 PM Central / 12:36 PM Mountain / 11:36 AM Pacific)

According to astrologers, we won’t see this level of collective luck again until June 24th, 2025.

(NY Post)