Today’s Workforce Values Money More Than Time
This is obviously not a photo of Monopoly. We couldn't afford to use an actual image of Monopoly.

For all the talk about four-day work weeks . . . and maintaining a good work-life balance . . . most American workers still value MONEY over TIME.

In a new survey, 66% of workers said they’d prefer a 10% pay increase over an additional week of paid time off.  And almost half of the people in the survey say the best parts of their current job are the “salary” and the “job security.”

Of course, we’re dealing with wide-ranging inflation now, along with pandemic insecurities.  And maybe TIME is taking a backseat coming off of all the quarantines, when a lot of people did have some extra time on their hands.

49% of employed adults are confident that wages can keep up with inflation.  89% say they expect an annual pay increase from their company.  46% are looking for a raise of at least 5% . . . and 16% expect a raise of 10% or more each year.

And despite all the “now hiring” signs, most of the people who ARE working are still working themselves to the bone.  53% of employed adults say they must work more than one job to make ends meet.  That includes 66% of Millennials.

(PR Newswire)