Three Signs It’s Finally Time for a New Phone

Do you always want the newest phone?  Or are you still rockin’ that old iPhone 5 because it hasn’t FULLY broken yet?  Here are an expert’s top three signs it’s finally time to buy a new phone . . .

1.  Technological advancements.  Does the new model offer a substantial boost over your current device, like a much better camera?  That’s a good reason to buy.  But if it’s not a huge upgrade, you might want to keep waiting.

2.  Software updates.  Running newer software on an old phone can actually slow it down.  And eventually, old phones can’t even get those updates.  For example, iPhone 10s are the oldest model that can run the new iOS 17.

3.  What condition is it in?  Is your screen shattered, and does your battery die every few hours?  It might be time to finally pull the trigger and buy a new one.

(Study Finds)