This Week in Science: Smart Apes, Dumb Dinosaurs, and Angry Drivers

It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain.

Here’s a quick rundown of this week in science . . .

1.  It’s National Space Day, so we’ll start there:  You’ve seen this in movies, but it might become reality if we want to live on the Moon.  A study found running along the inside of a spinning wheel might prevent astronauts from losing muscle mass up there.  It’s called a “Wall of Death” when people do it on motorcycles.

The Moon has a one-sixth as much gravity as Earth.  So researchers wanted to see if it’s possible to do it up there just by running.  They hung a guy from a bungee to simulate it, and say the answer is yes.

2.  In other space news:  China is trying to bring back the first samples from the dark side of the Moon.  And NASA recently broke a record by receiving a laser transmission from a spacecraft 140 million miles away.  The transmission they decided to test it with was . . . a cat video.

3.  In other animal news:  A male orangutan was seen administering first aid, which is crazy.  He chewed some leaves from a plant known to be a natural pain reliever.  Then he rubbed the juice on a cut and covered the wound with more leaves.  (So, next stop . . . Planet of the Apes.)

4.  In fake animal news:  Boston Dynamics put one of their robot dogs in a dog costume.  People online joked that they somehow managed to make those things even creepier.  (Here’s the video.)

5.  This could be big for the environment:  Researchers at U.C. San Diego invented a new type of “living plastic” with built-in bacteria that’s able to digest it.  It can be broken down in as little as five months.

6.  In dinosaur news:  T. Rexes were probably morons.  A study last year claimed they might have been as smart as monkeys.  But a new study found they were probably about as smart as modern-day alligators.

7.  And in road rage news:  A study found quick fits of anger can cause temporary damage to your heart and blood vessels.  So try your best to stay calm.  And everyone, please . . . use those turn signals.