This Week in Science: Junk Food, Space Wedgies, and Underground Aliens

It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain.

Here’s a quick rundown of this week in science . . .

1.  A team at Harvard put out a new theory on UFOs:  Maybe they’re not coming from outer space, but from inside the Earth . . . underground aliens.  They also tossed out the idea that they’re living among us, like in the movie “Men in Black”.  The term for that is “cryptoterrestrials.”

2.  Do you make big, over-the-top facial expressions?  A study found it might make people like you more.

3.  In animal news:  A study found elephants call each other by name, and respond to their own name when another elephant says it.

4.  In food news:  A study found buying something healthy at the grocery store makes you more likely to also buy something that’s unhealthy.  Like, “I grabbed some lettuce, good for me.  I really deserve those Doritos.”

5.  In “why is my bank account overdrawn” news:  A study found going cashless makes people spend more.

6.  In medical news:  Scientists came up with a new antivenom for black widow spider bites that could be safer, because it’s made using human antibodies.  The kind we currently use comes from horses.  (???)

7.  In space news:  Boeing’s Starliner capsule that’s docked to the Space Station is leaking helium in five different spots . . . and an I.S.S. spacewalk was scrubbed due to, quote, “spacesuit discomfort“.  (Are we talkin’ space wedgies?)

8.  And finally, living on Mars is gonna suck.  It got scorched by the burst of solar energy that caused the big Northern Lights display last month.  And a study found astronauts might need kidney dialysis to deal with all the radiation up there.

A new report also found even short bursts in space might make you slightly dumber.  But women seem to recover from space travel faster than men.  So more female astronauts might be the answer.

(It would really throw a wrench in the whole “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” theory.)