This Obvious Tip Might Prevent a Bad Back

File this under “duh” . . .

Dr. Arthur Jenkins is a back specialist who works with NFL players.  And he offered some helpful advice to avoid back injuries.

Don’t bend, lift, and TWIST at the same time.  Some people need to hear that, apparently.

As obvious as it might sound, he says we do it more than we realize.  A classic example is shoveling snow, but you make the same motion picking up a suitcase or lifting your kid out of a car seat.

Any of the three motions on their own can cause an injury, but they’re even more dangerous when you do them at the same time.  Especially if you already have back issues.

When there’s existing back pain, you’re at higher risk of herniating a disk – the little cushions of fluid between your vertebrae.  Meaning you tear or rupture one.

Instead of a bend, lift, and twist motion, he says to directly face what you’re lifting.  Then bend your knees and lift with your legs, not your back.  Your abs should also be engaged.

Strong abs in general can help you avoid back pain.  He says planks are a great exercise to try.