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Things We’d Sacrifice to Keep Our Phone Include Pets, Coffee, and Netflix

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If this poll had questions about water, air, food, and freedom, the vote still would have been split . . .

1,000 Americans were asked about various things, and whether they’d rather give them up for a month, or give up their PHONE for a month.  Here are the results . . .

1.  Alcohol.  72% of us would rather give it up than give up our phone.

2.  Netflix.  70% of us would give it up.  And 41% would give up ALL streaming services.

3.  Coffee, 64%.

4.  Social media, 60%.

5.  Sex, 47%.

6.  Your significant other, 42%.

7.  Your pets, 40%.

They also asked about things you’d give up FOREVER:  Half said they’d rather give up exercise than give up their phone.  57% would give up Amazon.  And 39% would NEVER go on a vacation again if they could keep their smartphone.

And here’s one more question:  If your phone was being taken away for a YEAR, how much would you pay to keep it?  Around 70% of us said up to $5,000 . . . 15% said $10,000 . . . 12% said $15,000 . . . and about 3% of us would pay $20,000 or more.


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