Things That Confuse Non-Americans When They See Them in American TV and Movies

When non-Americans watch American movies and TV shows, not everything translates.  People have questions.  Buzzfeed put together a list of things non-Americans don’t understand when they see them in our media.

Here are some of the highlights:

1.  Our obsession with Halloween.  Yes, it’s real.

2.  The use of the word ‘like’.  One person asked if it’s just a “reality TV thing.”  Sadly it’s not.  Although it does appear that the type of people who end up on reality shows are among the most egregious abusers of the word.

3.  How we never say ‘goodbye’ when we hang up the phone.  This is really just an artistic choice.  It eliminates needless words.  In real life, we say goodbye.  Unless we’re mad.

4.  The ‘fake baby’ school assignments.  I can’t speak for the whole country, but I’ve never known anyone who had to take an egg or a bag of flour or a baby doll home with them and try to keep it in one piece.

5.  The way kids play trees and other inanimate objects in school plays.  Another thing I’ve never seen, unless the tree was a character who had actual lines.

6.  The way we compare the length of things to football fields.  I get this one . . . although American football is starting to worm its way into other countries.

7.  The way we try to stop natural disasters.  As one person Tweeted, “It amuses me when Americans in movies try to stop a natural disaster ending the world because they’re Americans and they just have to try.”

8.  All the guns.  Well yeah, that’s a thing here.

9.  Sending Christmas card family photos.  There are literally 10 of them on my fridge at any given moment.

(Check out dozens more here, although a lot of them don’t feel specifically American.)