Things Men Think Are Attractive But Aren’t

We stumbled across an interesting discussion on Facebook. A question was posed to a group: What are things men do that they think are attractive but actually aren’t? Turns out, a TikTok influencer also saw the discussion and delivered a list on her channel. Some of the things men think are attractive but aren’t…

Being Overly Masculine: The “alpha male” act is off-putting. Most women prefer men who are genuine and down-to-earth.

Loud Vehicles: Rather than impressing women, loud vehicles often make them cringe or even laugh at how immature it seems.

Gym Rats: While staying fit is great, making the gym your entire personality is not. Spending excessive hours working out and neglecting relationships isn’t appealing. Balance is key.

Gaming Addicts: Unless you’re a successful streamer, excessive gaming is a turn-off. Spending countless hours on video games instead of engaging in real life can strain relationships. Moderation is important.

Quick to Anger: Frequent outbursts of anger are a major red flag. It signals potential abusive behavior and future issues.

Not Going to Therapy: Self-growth isn’t just for women. Addressing emotional and psychological issues is vital for a healthy partnership.

Aggressive Driving: This goes back to being overly masculine — or just immature. Why are you in a hurry? How is someone in the passenger seat supposed to feel safe knowing you think you’re NASCAR driver?

Alcohol Consumption and Bragging About It: Women like their alcoholic beverages too, but planning your day around drinking, not knowing when to stop, or even sharing stories about how much booze you can consume without passing out is gross.