These Are the Top Things We Still Use Cash For

A new poll found most people DON’T think cash is the most convenient way to pay for stuff anymore.  It’s third behind credit and debit cards.  But we do still use it . . .

45% of us have used cash in the past week.  And the average person who still carries it has around 70 bucks in their wallet right now.  Here are the top things we still use cash for . . .

1.  Smaller purchases.  Things like gum and candy.

2.  Personal grooming appointments, like haircuts.

3.  Minor emergencies.  Like keeping cash around at home to cover unexpected expenses.

4.  Public transportation, like bus and train fare.

5.  Groceries.

6.  Entertainment.  (Does that include strip clubs?)

7.  Gas.  A lot of places charge less if you pay cash.

8.  Clothing.  Like if you went back-to-school shopping and brought a set amount to stay on budget.