Do people truly feel it’s “better to give than receive”?  Well, maybe when you’re buying gifts like THIS it is . . .

There’s a new term called “WEGIFTING” . . . and 74% of us have done it, according to a new survey.

“Wegifting” is when you buy someone a present that you ALSO fully plan on using.

So for example, maybe you bought a new TV for the living room and claimed it was for your kids.  But really YOU were the one who wanted it.

22% of people plan on giving at least one “wegift” this year.  And the most common person we give them to is our partner or spouse.  Kids are next, followed by our mom . . . our siblings . . . and our friends.

55% of people in the survey said they’ve been the recipient of a “wegift” before.  And 35% said they’ve received something that the gift-giver seemed to use and enjoy more than they did.

The survey also found 62% of us consider ourselves to be excellent gift-givers.

(NY Post)