The Worst Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Topic Isn’t Politics

There are going to be LOTS of Thanksgiving dinner conversations about politics this year, which could lead to some arguments.  But there’s one topic that might get people even MORE worked up.

According to a new survey, the conversation topic that’s the most likely to lead to a FAMILY FIGHT during Thanksgiving is . . . long-standing family tensions.  46% of people say they believe it will lead to an argument.

Here’s the full list of topics that are likely to cause Thanksgiving fights . . .

1.  Long-standing family tensions, 46%.

2.  General politics, 37%.

3.  The 2020 presidential race, 33%.

4.  Someone’s future plans, 24%.

5.  Money, 24%.

6.  The behavior of the guests, 22%.

7.  Drinking or alcohol, 21%.

8.  The cooking, 18%.