The Worst Bathroom Habits Include Leaving the Seat Up and Not Flushing

This list is pretty spot-on except for the rankings.  I think most would agree the one that ranked second should actually be first.

Someone polled 2,000 people and asked them to name the most annoying bathroom habits.  Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  Leaving toothpaste or makeup stains on the mirror, or in the sink.  30% ranked that one high.

2.  Forgetting to flush, 29%.  (Maybe “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” is fine.  Otherwise, YOU BETTER flush it down.)

3.  Peeing on the seat.

4.  Leaving hair in the sink or tub drain.

5.  Forgetting to replace the toilet paper.

6.  Leaving the seat up.  If you just polled women, that one would rank higher.

7.  Clogging the toilet.  I guess that assumes you don’t unclog it?

8.  Spending too much time in there.  Like, 30 minutes checking Instagram.

9.  Leaving objects in the sink, like a hairbrush or curling iron.

10.  Using someone else’s razor.  It just beat out peeing in the shower for 10th place.

The poll also asked what we’d be willing to sacrifice for a bathroom that magically stayed clean and sanitized all on its own.

Here are some things we’d give up to never clean our bathroom again.  At least one in five people said yes to all of these . . .

Restaurants . . . COFFEE . . . your favorite TV show . . . your favorite outfit . . . watching your favorite sports team . . . Internet access for a year . . . 50% of your annual salary (???) . . . and 20% claim they’d give up their SENSE OF TASTE.

19% also said they’d give up electricity . . . 18% would give up beds . . . and 17% would go bald to never clean their bathroom again.