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Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!  Only 4% of Americans hate them, so it’s a holiday most of us can get behind.

They’re popular because they’re delicious and easy to make.  And they’re one of the cheapest things you can eat as long as you don’t buy this one . . .

A restaurant in New York is bringing back the world’s most expensive sandwich today . . . a grilled cheese that costs $214.

The restaurant is Serendipity 3.  They’re also known for selling the world’s most expensive milkshake for $100 . . . the world’s most expensive fries for $200 . . . and the world’s most expensive dessert for 25 GRAND.

Their $214 grilled cheese debuted in 2014.  You have to order it 48 hours in advance.  Here’s why it costs so much . . .

The bread itself has Dom Perignon champagne baked into it.  It’s cooked in truffle butter with edible gold flakes mixed in.  And the fancy Italian cheese comes from cows that can only be milked two months out of the year.  (???)

Once it’s cooked, they stick more edible gold flakes on the outside of the bread for no good reason.  And it’s also served with a lobster bisque dipping sauce.

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