The World’s Most Stressful Tourist Trap Is . . . Times Square

If you’re stressed out at work, you need a vacation . . . and ideally, NOT to a place that JUST AS STRESSFUL as work.

There’s a new report out on the world’s most stressful tourist traps.  It looked at over 80 popular tourist destinations, and analyzed visitor reviews . . . looking for negative words like “overrated,” “tourist trap,” and “underwhelming.”

In the end, the #1 most stressful tourist trap was Times Square in New York.  (Which is definitely NOT a chill place to be.)  The Hollywood Walk of Fame in California is #8.  Those were the only two American places on the list.

The rest of the 20 most stressful include:  Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin . . . the Eiffel Tower in Paris . . . the “Little Mermaid” sculpture in Denmark . . . the Blue Lagoon in Iceland . . . the London Eye . . . the Guinness Storehouse in Ireland . . . the Louvre Museum in Paris . . . and the Colosseum in Rome.

On the flipside, Lake Caumasee in Switzerland is the world’s most RELAXING tourist hotspot, followed by Uluru (or Ayers Rock) in Australia.

( has the report, including the full Top 20.  Times Square was also on a recent list of the most overrated tourist attractions in America.)