The World’s Most Peculiar Etiquette Practices

Traveling to Portugal? Don’t has for salt with dinner. Here are some of the world’s most peculiar etiquette practices.

NORWAY – Never use your hands to eat.

ICELAND – Burping in public is socially acceptable.

ITALY – Never put parmesan on pizza.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO – Don’t point at anyone.

JAPAN – Slurp your food to say thank you.

ARGENTINA – Don’t use the “OK” or “thumbs up” gestures.

VENEZUELA – Place a broom behind the door to signal you’re ready for guests to leave.

SLOVENIA – Tipping isn’t customary.

ALBANIA – Tip doctors/nurses for their service.

HUNGARY – Don’t clink your glass when toasting.

JAMAICA – Try all food on the table.

PORTUGAL – Never ask for salt with dinner.