Do you ever watch Blake Shelton on the Voice and wonder what’s really in his cup? The secret has been revealed on Twitter! Blake posted a video addressing this very question to his followers.

“One of the number one question I get asked every week is, ‘What are you drinking on the show? You got your cup there, you’re always drinking it,’” he told the camera from what looks like his trailer. “I’m tired of the question. I’m just gonna show you what I’m drinking, and I’m gonna show you this every week so you don’t have to wonder anymore.”

Pulling a black cup from the the cupboard, Shelton joked that the first ingredient was “something called ice,” before pouring a generous helping of Smithworks vodka over it and calling his beverage a day.

Shelton explained he was keeping his vodka on the rocks a light pour for Monday’s show, as it was “a very important episode.”

“I have eight people on the show tonight, and I’m very nervous for all of them,” he explained. “[John Legend] has six people, [Kelly Clarkson] has 6 people, [Adam Levine] only has four, because he sucks.”