The U.S. Cities with the Cutest Dogs

People travel to Oklahoma from all over to see Route 66 . . . nature and wildlife . . . historical museums . . . and soon, CUTE DOGS.  (???)

For some reason, the photo company Mixbook had “a panel of judges” review pictures of dogs from 25 American cities to find the place that has the cutest dogs, and Oklahoma City came out on top.

Here’s the Top 10:

1.  Oklahoma City

2.  Seattle

3.  Indianapolis

4.  San Diego

5.  Houston

6.  Dallas

7.  Washington, D.C.

8.  Chicago

9.  New York City

10.  San Jose, California.

They also found . . .

Chicago is the city with the cutest SMALL dogs, followed by L.A.

Oklahoma City has the cutest BIG dogs, followed by Fort Worth, Texas.

L.A. has the best groomed dogs, followed by Detroit.

Washington, D.C. has the cutest dog FACES, which seems a little vain.

And Seattle is the city that posts their dogs the most on social media.

They did NOT say which city had the most homely-looking dogs.