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The Top Words We Love to See on Food Labels, and the Top Words We Hate

If you see the word “organic” on something at the grocery store, does it make you more or LESS likely to buy it?

A new study found it’s one of the top words people DON’T like to see.  1 in 6 people are less likely to buy something if “organic” is on the label.

The top five words we love to see are all associated with health . . . and the word “Healthy” is even one of them.

The top five words we like to see on food labels are:  “Fresh” . . . “Natural” . . . “Healthy” . . . “Real” . . . and “Local.”

Most of the top words we hate to see are ALSO healthy words . . . just not the ones people who eat MEAT are attracted to.

“Processed” is #1, so that one’s not healthy.  But the rest of our five most-hated words on food are:  “Vegan” . . . “Plant-Based” . . . “Gluten-free” . . . and “Organic.”

The poll also found 46% of Americans claim they’ve thought about going vegan before . . . but only 3% of us are currently vegan.


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