The Top Who, What, When, Where, and Why Questions We Googled This Month

A new month is right around the corner.  But first, let’s take a quick look back at January of 2024.  Google Trends put out a list of the top who, what, when, where, and why questions America googled this month.  Here’s the top search for each one . . .

1.  “Who won Golden Globes in 2024?”  They were January 7th, and obviously lots of people won awards.  But the big winner this year was “Oppenheimer”.

2.  “What happened to Martin Lawrence?”  He was in a throwback segment at the Emmys, and fans were worried after he seemed to slur his words a little.  He’s had some health issues in the past.  But people in his camp said he’s fine and recently wrapped Bad Boys 4 with Will Smith, out June 14th.

3.  “When is Martin Luther King’s birthday?”  Martin Luther King Day is always the third Monday of January.  This year, that also happened to be his birthday, January 15th.

4.  “Where is Bill Belichick going?”  He and the New England Patriots parted ways this month after 24 seasons and six Super Bowl wins.  No word yet on where he’s headed next.

5.  “Why did Justin and Jessica split?”  That’s Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.  They briefly stopped dating way back in 2011, and rumors swirled they might split up again after 10+ years of marriage.  But she was with him at “SNL” last weekend, so that kind of put those rumors to bed for now.

(Google Trends)