The Top Two Things That Encourage Us to Wear Sunscreen

Dozens of major cities had record-high temperatures this weekend.  So if you’re dealing with a sunburn right now, you’re not alone.  Here’s something that might help you the NEXT time you’re out in the sun . . .

A new study looked at the top things that encourage or remind us to put sunblock on, and reapply it.  And there are two big ones that can help.

The first is using a sunblock you like and find EASY.  For example, if rubbing the lotion kind into your skin takes too long or annoys you, you’re more likely to reapply if you use the spray-on kind instead.  Or if you hate sticky or greasy sunblock, you should pay a few more bucks for one that’s not so annoying.  If you do, you’ll use it more.

But this might make an even bigger difference:  The second thing that can get you to use sunscreen is . . . your nagging SPOUSE.  (???)  We’re 72% more likely to use it on a regular basis if our spouse or romantic partner reminds us to.